Murray Hyundai Medicine Hat

Sell Us Your Vehicle in Medicine Hat

Sell Us Your Car In 3 Easy Steps

At Murray Hyundai Medicine Hat, we usually strive to get you behind the wheel of a top-quality new or pre-owned vehicle, so when you're looking to sell your current vehicle, you might not think of us. But we want to become your customer, and buy your used vehicle! Worried that your vehicle is showing its age? No problem! We don't mind dents, scratches, or a high number on the odometer. When you sell your vehicle on the open market, it can be difficult to generate interest and offers. Murray Hyundai Medicine Hat makes it easy to get a fair price on your used vehicle. Here's how it works:

  1. CONTACT US: Click on this link to email us directly or view our toll-free number.
  2. BRING US YOUR VEHICLE: Get your free appraisal, and we'll make you an offer.
  3. GET YOUR CASH: If you accept our offer, we'll pay you cash the same day

Why Sell Your Vehicle to Murray's?

The best reason to sell us your vehicle is because we make it quick and convenient. We'll accept any vehicle, even one that won't start! No matter how many adventures are under the hood, we'll give you the best deal possible. Selling your car to Murray Hyundai also means less risk and uncertainty. Selling your car online often means cryptic emails or text messages, no-shows, and offers that don't quite come up to the mark. When you choose to deal with Murray Hyundai, you're choosing to do business with a long-standing, reputable member of the automotive industry. We can also save you time! Selling your used car online means you have to invest time in writing a convincing advertisement, posting it in the right places, and responding to messages. Finally, buying and selling a car often requires a lot of paperwork. At Murray Hyundai, we're paperwork pros! We do this kind of thing every day, and can guide you through the process quickly and easily.

If you choose to sell us your used vehicle, you might think you have to spend the cash on a new vehicle from Murray Hyundai. Of course, we'll always keep this option open to you, but there's no obligation at all! Once the money is in your pocket, it's yours!

If you're ready to consider selling your vehicle to Murray Hyundai Medicine Hat, contact us today to book a free appraisal. It's quick, convenient, and takes the hassle out of selling your used vehicle. Make Murray's your customer!