Murray Hyundai Medicine Hat

Murray Shield Vehicle Protection Solutions

Murray Hyundai Medicine Hat is proud to offer you the "Murray Shield" vehicle protection plan. This service is unique to the Murray Auto Group and yours to take advantage of. Take a look at what the Murray Shield has to offer:
Murray Shield Rust Protection

Prevent the formation of rust with the Murray Shield Corrosion Control Module. It's the latest breakthrough in rust prevention, using a pulse amplifier microprocessor to generate a repetitive current through all grounded body panels and inhibit rust, even in areas that traditional sprays and other rust protection products can't reach.

For other exposed areas, we use a specialized Rust Inhibitor Spray to seal body panels and prevent moisture and oxidation from the inside out. Our high-pressure spray reaches your cars inner body panels without the need to drill holes.
Murray Shield Undercoat Protection

Tar, road salt and winter weather conditions all take their toll on your vehicle's undercarriage. Murray Shield Undercoat Protection seals your vehicle's vulnerable undercarriage components and remains pliable so it will not crack, peel or chip.
It also provides noise-canceling benefits and insulates your frame from extreme temperatures. Enjoy a quieter and more enjoyable ride.

Murray Shield Paint Protection

Over time sun and weather can cause your vehicle's paint to fade, while road debris can cause chipping and scratches. Murray Shield Paint Protection seals your vehicle's paint with a platinum protector solution that adds an additional protective layer above your clear-coat finish to seal in your car's natural finish and protect against UV damage and scratches.

Interior Protection

Murray Shield Fabric Protection
Spills happen. Murray Shield Fabric Protection creates an invisible and odourless layer that prevents fabrics from staining and makes cleanup easier. Treated fabric repels dirt and moisture while the fabric remains breathable. Our quality product will not change the appearance or feel of your fabrics.

Murray Shield Vinyl and Leather Protection
Our Leather and Vinyl Protection locks in the oils and natural pigments of your leather to prevent damage or premature fading due to UV radiation. Vinyl protection leaves your dashboard with a flat satin finish that will eliminate glare while reducing dust.